Nocturnal Wonderland Owl

Nocturnal Wonderland - Saturday September 21st 2013 - San Manuel Amphitheater & Grounds


Nocturnal Wonderland Tickets Now On Sale

Tickets for Nocturnal Wonderland 2013 are now on sale! 18+ general admission and 21+ GA & VIP tickets are available at this time. Prices will increase as allotments run out, so purchase early to take advantage of the lowest price that will be offered. Your magical adventure through the nocturnal world of Wonderland starts now.

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VIP Amenities
- A separate VIP entrance to the festival for rapid entry
- Special VIP viewing stage viewing (access to decks may be restricted throughout the night due to - - - capacity limits)
- VIP lounge area
- 21+ full cash bar on stage view VIP deck
- Private restroom facilities
- Access to exclusive VIP areas
- VIP ticket to Nocturnal Wonderland
- Souvenir laminate and lanyard
- Must be 21 or older to enter VIP areas

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Insomniac's Headliners are the best, most creative fans in the world. We love each one of you, and we are grateful every time you choose to participate in our events. At Insomniac, we aim to create inspiring environments where you don't need drugs to have a wonderful, spiritual experience.  Behind the scenes' we work long hours with the brightest security, health and safety experts in the business to create safe environments for you.

Even with all of our precautions, every single person who comes to our events is responsible for their choices. We ask each of you to do your part with safe, responsible behavior, and by obeying all of our event policies and the law - that is why we search everyone entering our events, maintain a strict 18 and over requirement, prohibit drugs and have extensive security staffing. Sadly, it appears that today's front page story in the Los Angeles Times ignored all of these facts and more in their story about us.

As part of their mission to twist facts to suit their sensational story, the LA Times treated the opinions of a few people as gospel, turned everyone who enjoys electronic music events into villains, and ignored anyone that did not agree with their biased opinion. Rather than addressing the real issue, rampant drug use in the United States, Rong-Gong "Ron" Lin II and his team preferred to attack our company, our events, our music and Pasquale instead of doing any credible research on health and safety issues facing large music festivals across the world.

Ecstasy is a global problem. Silence is not the solution, nor is singling out a genre of music and its fans. We encourage you all to engage in this discussion and help us keep our events going strong.

We ask that all of you, our invaluable Headliners, voice your perspective to these reporters, email them at:;;

You can also reach them via Twitter at @PringleLATimes, @anblanx, and @ronlin.

As always, for all of you who support our events and inspire us with your creativity and positivity, thanks for standing by us.

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