Nocturnal Wonderland Owl

Nocturnal Wonderland - Saturday September 21st 2013 - San Manuel Amphitheater & Grounds


To make your festival entry as smooth as possible, we've put together some ticket tips that will help ensure a smooth transition into Wonderland.

Pick up for Will Call will be located at the main entrance. Please remember to bring your ID and the credit card you used to purchase the tickets—you'll need both in order to claim your tickets.

If your tickets were purchased by someone who will not be attending the event, you will need to bring the receipt, a photocopy of the front of the credit card used to purchase the ticket, and a photocopy of the ID that belongs the credit card holder to pick up your tickets. You may blackout the first 8 digits on the credit card if you like.

If you lost the credit card you used to purchase your tickets, you can bring the receipt, a photo ID, and your bank statement with the ticket purchase on it or the last 4 digits of the card you used to pick up the tickets.