Nocturnal Festival

Saturday September 25

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One of LAs original underground DJs, Jason Blakemore (formerly DJ Trance) was also the first DJ in the Solar System. He invented the 4/4 drum beat, the cymbal pattern, and the bassline. He also created the sampler, the keyboard and the computer. When Mike Sckotleeonibergly of the New York Times recently asked Blakemore, "What is cutting edge?," Jason paused and then wisely answered, "Warning! Cutting edge is sharp! Do not touch!"
1992-93 - Plays first underground gig at 'What?' in April 92. Begins playing 'What?' on Fridays at LA warehouse locations and 'Dare' on Saturdays at the Coconut Teaser in Hollywood for great crowds and very little money (you know, pays more dues). Uses the name DJ Trance.
1994-96 - Enjoys residencies at Insomniac, Go Ventures, and Family in L.A. Co-creates record label Bassex with Mike Knapp and releases memorable tracks as Rebirth (Embryo, PURE, Floor Essence etc) and Metro (Here for the Love). His Remix of “Here for the Love” gets licensed to a Chemical Brothers mix cd. Records two records with Darwin Chamber and releases a single on New York label Smile Communications.
1997-98 - Changes name back to Jason Blakemore. Establishes himself as a permanent fixture in the west coast underground house scene. Starts current residency with B3Cande productions (Jujubeats, How Sweet It Is) as well as legendary LA promoters Aquarium. Travels extensively playing in just about every major city in the U.S., as well as Canada, Europe, and Mexico.
1999-2004 - Starts record label Life Music. Has his song 'Echo Echo' remixed by legendary San Francisco producer Garth. Works on projects with Smitty & Eric Davenport, Wally Callerio, and Natural Rhythm. Creates a series of successful Life Music parties.
2005 – 2009: In 2006 Jason re-emerged in the L.A. rave scene at just the right time as it was just about to take off again. As usual, Blakemore was ahead of the curve, and many people ridiculed him when he began to play a lot of raves again. By 2008 those same skeptics were contacting him in hopes of being “hooked up” with some rave gigs. His track “Suspicion” from 1999 gets licensed to numerous European compilations, including one from the prestigious Watergate club in Berlin.
2010: Starts his third label "fiveleg". First release Jason Blakemore - More Suspicion EP is immediately accepted into iTunes, Beatport, Rhapsody, and all the usual suspects.