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What Will The Disco Biscuits Do Next?

Posted: Tuesday August 31st 2010

A huge part of the appeal of a Disco Biscuits show is that you never know what the band is going to do when it hits the stage.
Playing live, the Philadelphia-based jam band is all about unpredictability. It has always been pretty loose when it comes to its studio releases as well.
As a result, albums were banged out relatively quickly. The Disco Biscuits, who will perform Thursday at the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh, made five albums in a decade.
But for its latest album "Planet Anthem," the band went the other way. It took nearly four years between albums. "Planet Anthem" isn't as experimental as prior releases, but it's still trippy in spots and is perhaps the most consistent Disco Biscuit album to date.
"We decided to go into the studio without a structure," keyboardist Aron Magner says. "We wanted to see where we could go if we took our time in the studio. We worked on the songs and fine-tuned them in the studio. We had the chance to do it, so why not take our time and really make the songs the best that we could?"
With its eclectic mix of prog-rock, funk and jam, the disc certainly falls under the misnomer of alternative. While not as out there as prior Disco Biscuit projects, it is quirky and free-wheeling, much like the band's live show.
"We have a certain structure when it comes to our concerts," Magner says. "But much of our show is wide open. When we go out there, it's like walking on a tightrope without a net. That's part of the fun for our band. I think it's safe to say that when we play live, we've been known to do things other bands haven't done."
Indeed. During a New Year's show, the band - which also includes guitarist Jon Gutwillig, bassist Marc Brownstein and drummer Allen Aucoin - acted out three of composer John Williams' songs, while a diminutive friend clad in a Superman costume flew behind attached to a contraption. During another show in Los Angeles, a troupe of fire breathers entertained.
"We like doing things differently," Magner says. "It's something that just happens naturally. You never know what we'll do."
Sometimes even the Disco Biscuits don't know what they'll do. Magner is working on material for the band's next album.
"We have about a dozen songs rooted in different forms," he says. "But we don't know what will make the album. We have some songs that are part electro and part hip-hop."
Magner isn't even sure whether the band will preview material. "We might play some new stuff," he says. "Then again, we might not play new stuff. That's part of what's fun about being in the Disco Biscuits or being a fan. There is always that unknown element, and that makes it a blast."

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