Ever since they started making their first singles in the mid 90’s out of the Bomb Shelter--their congested home studio in Los Angeles, California--Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland of The Crystal Method have held strong as forerunners of the electronic music revolution in America. A Grammy nomination; a slot on Linkin Park’s recent monster benefit for their Music For Relief fund; catwalk DJ’s for Rock ‘N Republic’s Fall 2004 Los Angeles Fashion Week show; and “Community Service,” their popular Friday night weekly radio show on Indie 103.1 FM--these are all small parts of what makes up The Crystal Method’s overall recent presence.

For spring 2005 The Crystal Method take to the road to support their new work, the follow-up mix album for the brand the duo have developed that’s dedicated to bringing fans the freshest and most exciting selections in what they love most: break-beat music. Community Service II, released on ULTRA Records/3 AM, offers exclusive remixes by The Crystal Method of songs by The Doors (“Roadhouse Blues”) and New Order (“Bizarre Love Triangle”), plus some of their own original productions (“Kalifornia” featuring Kevin Beber, “Starting Over” [Elite Force remix], “Bound Too Long” [Hyper remix]) and tracks from the duo’s favorite break-beat producers like UNKLE (“Reign”), Evil Nine (“We Have the Energy”), Uberzone (“Octopus”). The New Originals mix of and Smashing Pumpkins (“1979”) is also a highlight.

The Crystal Method's full-length major label debut Vegas in 1997 spawned the hits "Keep Hope Alive" and "Busy Child," followed by a flurry of remix projects for the likes of Rage Against the Machine and Garbage. Meanwhile, the pair steadily divided its time between a long line of live appearances and DJ dates, including the first Community Service Tour (live) with Orbital in 1998 and the Family Values Tour with a variety of bands that included Limp Bizkit, Filter and Staind in 1999.

For 2001's Tweekend, the band pulled together all its diverse influences to create an album that not only reflected its dance music roots but its lingering passion for hard rock and soul. The disc featured collaborations with Stone Temple Pilots' Scott Weiland, Rage Against The Machine's Tom Morello and Beck turntablist DJ Swamp.

Following these two groundbreaking albums came Kirkland and Jordan’s first ever mix CD, Community Service (ULTRA Records/3 AM) which seamlessly captured the kinetic spirit of their popular club sets. It included The Crystal Method's distinctive remixes for artists like Rage Against The Machine, Garbage and P.O.D.; underground twists on some of their own hits; and blistering, forward-looking tracks that only the most dedicated crate-digger could excavate like Orbital's "Funny Break," Force Mass Motion vs. Dylan Rhymes' "Hold Back," Scratch D vs. H Bomb's "The Red Pill" and Stir Fry's breakbeat masterpiece "Breakin' On The Streets (False Prophet Remix)."

Their next release, 2004’s Legion of Boom (V2 Records) earned The Crystal Method their first ever Grammy nomination in the newly-instated “Best Electronic/Dance Album” category and encompassed eclectic collaborations with former Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland, rapper Rahzel of The Roots, San Francisco poet Hanifah Walidah (aka Shä-key) and Lisa Kekaula, singer for Los Angeles’ indie stalwarts The Bell Rays. One of the most recognizable collaborations however was the single "Born Too Slow," a ravishing track that mashes up heavy metal bluster with a roaring bassline featuring the vocals of John Garcia, one-time frontman for California desert rockers Kyuss,.

Today, The Crystal Method have distinguished themselves as two of the most recognizable faces in the American electronic music landscape, boasting over a million-and-a-half in album sales combined between all their releases.
The duo have just finished scoring their first feature film, London. The film, starring Chris Evans (Fantastic 4)., Jason Statham (Transporter 1 and 2) and Jessica Biel (Stealth, Elizabethtown), recounts an outrageous series of cocaine-inspired adventures centered around a trendy New York loft party. The soundtrack, to be released November 15th on the band’s own Tiny E Records, features nine brand new recordings by The Crystal Method. Ken and Scott also recently composed the theme to Fox’s successful new television series Bones, and have created music for the forthcoming Matrix: Path of Neo video game to be released by Atari this November.