Jerico Woggon
Born and raised in the coastal community of Summerland, California, Jerico
Woggon is a painter and installation artist. His site-specific black light
environments have appeared at Burning Man, Coachella Music and Arts
Festival, Autumn Lights (at the Caltrans District 7 Headquarters) and
numerous other art events and festivals. He lives and works in the
downtown Arts District in Los Angeles.
Woggon's work has been heavily influenced by his family's art legacy. His
grandfather, Bill Woggon, created the 1945 Archie comic book super model
Katy Keene and his great-uncle, Elmer Woggon, created Skylark, the first
aviation-themed comic strip in the 1920s. Traces of his family's comic
book stylings are reflected in the bold lines and graphic use of colors
that characterize Woggon's work.
Currently, Woggon is focused on producing an original series of paintings,
installations and other work at his new studio. Woggon is also working on
various multimedia projects, including creating furniture made from car
parts, producing hand-painted dresses and completing this year's art