Lillyanne was born in 1975 when house and techno were just a glint in dance music’s collective eye.Unbeknownst to many, these genres were building a firm foundation, growing roots down into the groundbreaking phenomenon that is today known as disco. Twenty-nine years later, citing her main influences in early eighties new wave, Lillyanne has emerged as one of the most influential DJs in Los Angeles, undoubtedly playing a major part in shaping its underground house music scene.

In 1995, Lillyanne began her journey behind the decks and about year later, was granted her first opportunity to play in front of a crowd. Since then, her style has come full circle, landing in a genre-less destination where disco, funk, house and techno all reside comfortably alongside one another. She has evolved through the blissful, invariably uplifting sounds to the grittier side of deep, lacing her sets with dirty beats, sinister basslines and an unmistakable funk. Through several years as a promoter, Lillyanne has developed a comprehensive understanding of L.A.’s vast demographic and people’s response to the music. In May of 2004, she celebrated the eighth anniversary of her Futurehouse parties, the longest running house event in Los Angeles. Her Wednesday night weekly residency, aptly titled Headinghome, is the top mid-week attraction for local house heads.

Rounding the end of 2002, Lillyanne launched a production career as Hotlips and Hawkeye with label partner Leonard Donjuan, on their own Headinghome Recordings. Their inaugural releases “Undream” EP landed in the crates of Harvey, Brennan Green, David Mancuso and Doc Martin, to name a few. Lillyanne is currently in the studio finishing up work on several remixes and a mixed CD Headinghome sampler.