Formed during 2002 by three musicians from Western Australia with similar
visions and musical backgrounds. Pendulum’s has always been to pull
together their production resources, ideas and influences from various
styles of music, to create a new sound that they felt was missing from
dance music. Intelligent dance floor music: music that could tear a dance
floor apart at the seams yet still have a deep long-lasting impact on
enthusiasts. The individual members behind Pendulum have been active in
Perth’s live music scene for several years: Anscenic and Speed played
together in the acclaimed Perth band Xygen, while Elhornet has been DJ-ing
at clubs, raves, and festivals in Perth for over 5 years. The initial
result of the collaboration was the seminal 'Vault', released this year on
the highly respected 31 Records UK. 'Vault' went on to become the biggest
anthems of 2003, this was confirmed when the track received the much
sought after Knowledge Magazine award for 'Best single of 2003'. The award
cements Pendulum in the drum&bass history books. ‘Vault’ was followed by a
series of brilliant tracks including 'Trail of Sevens' (Renegade
Hardware), 'Spiral' and 'Ulterior Motive' (Uprising Records), 'Back to
You' and 'Still Grey' (Timeless Recordings), and a remix of 'Tonite' by
Concord Dawn (Function Recordings). Two heavyweight DJs that have
supported the Pendulum sound ever since its creation were the legendary
Adam F and the renowned DJ Fresh from Bad Company UK. The Pendulum sound
gained their attention so much that they asked Pendulum to join their
recently formed BREAKBEAT KAOS label in order to form a tight crew of like
minded musicians. This was a once in a life time opportunity; as a result
towards then of 2003 the trio relocated to the UK and have been touring
the world extensively ever since; in an attempt to generate further
awareness around their unique sound. Since being signed to the industry’s
most prestigious artist agency, Pendulum have performed everywhere from
the UK and Europe, North America, The Middle East, Asia and Australia.
Pendulum’s debut single for BREAKBEAT KAOS BBK003, the epic 'Another
Planet' backed with 'Voyager' exceeded any prior expectations, the single
made its debut at ..1 in the UK’s National Dance Charts and reached as
high as ..43 in the UK’s Mainstream Chart, something rarely achieved by
drum&bass music in the UK. Both sides of this monumental release have
received heavy airplay on the UK's major stations including BBC’s Radio 1;
where support has come from the likes of John Peel, Zane Lowe and Mary
Anne Hobbes, the track was in fact made ‘tune of the week’ at the start of
February. At present, both tracks continue to destroy dance floors across
the globe. 2004 will see Pendulum release their debut artist LP on
BREAKBEAT KAOS, a project that the UK’s mainstream magazines are already
calling ‘the one to watch’ (Mixmag 2004) Prior to this their next release
on BreakBeat Kaos BBK004, a remix of the Digital Nation classic
‘ Submarines’; has already been tipped as the anthem of the 2004 Winter
Music Conference in Miami. Watch – This – Space In the brief twelve months
that the Pendulum collaboration has been formed; the group have turned the
drum&bass world on its head, whilst opening the eyes and ears of thousands
to their profound Australian beats. This is only the beginning… show your
support and appreciation.