Nocturnal Wonderland

Saturday September 25

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At Nocturnal Wonderland you will experience much more than just music. Don’t get us wrong, you are going to see some of the best live acts that the music scene has to offer, and you will also be sent on an adventure upon which many fantastic visions will be realized. You are invited to lose yourself a world of your own imagination.

Dozens of performers will be your guide through this wonderland. Looming stilt walkers can be seen roaming the festival grounds, trapeze artists will take your breath away with their aerial ballet, fearless fire twirlers will memorize your eyes, and go-go dancers will keep you moving to the beat as you are swept up into the freak show that is Nocturnal Wonderland.

As with all Insomniac events, the atmosphere we create for you at Nocturnal Wonderland is just as important to us as one of the headlining acts. So much is attention placed into creating an entire sensory experience, instead of just a place to listen to music. Each area of the festival will be meticulously transformed into its own themed wonderland, as we transport you out of your own reality and down the rabbit hole that is Nocturnal.

Various artists and groups of artists will have their creativity on display throughout the festival grounds. At Nocturnal Wonderland, an interactive experience built from metal, glass, lights, fire and everything in between awaits you. Take some time to wander through the art displays… We promise your senses will thank you!

The Nocturnal Wonderland Vendor Village is a bustling bazaar, stocked with merchants who will be selling a wide assortment of goods and services! Clothing, jewelry, party items, body decorating, and more will be available throughout the entire festival.




* Photots by Caesar Sebastian