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Saturday September 25

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Kaskade Saturday Night!

Posted: April 25th, 2011

Whether it’s the uplifting sounds, organic instrumentals, catchy vocals or the diversity of his sound, Kaskade’s music embodies life, love and happiness. “I’m an optimistic guy,” he says. “There’s a lot of love in house music and this is just what comes out.” He is equally as optimistic about the scene that has embraced him with such open arms. “Dance music is so fast moving and so forward thinking; it has morphed many times over. It will be interesting to see what the future holds.” - Words by Carly Miller and Gunnar Hissam


Bunny from RITM

Posted: April 21st, 2011

Bunny from RITM has been added to both dates for Noctural Festival Texas.

Beyond The Rabbit Hole

Posted: April 15th, 2011

Always a favorite, Beyond the Rabbit Hole comes to Nocturnal Texas in 2011. Structured as a progressively shrinking, 186 foot long logarithmic spiraled tunnel covered with 4,000 feet of glittering white lights, this interactive art installation embodies the festival catchphrase, "to journey down the rabbit hole." The prismatic glasses you are handed before entering will build multiple layers of refraction, creating a kaleidoscope of patterns from the lights covering the structure.

Big Gigantic

Posted: April 13th, 2011

Big Gigantic is the brainchild of Boulder, Colorado’s own saxophonist/producer, Dominic Lalli, and drummer, Jeremy Salken. Conceived in 2008, the duo found their niche and created a name for themselves in the electronic music scene. By combining vibrant jazz melodies over pulsating dance beats, Big Gigantic delivers an innovative, distinct sound that’s all their own.

As a testament to their timeliness and unique melody, Big Gigantic has made a profound impact on the jamtronica landscape. From playing modest gigs around Colorado, to instantaneously headlining shows throughout the country and hitting major festivals, Big Gigantic showcases an amplified array of compositions that combine elements of a DJ and live band that leaves fans from coast to coast anticipating more.

Between the band’s debut album, Fire It Up, and their EP, Wide Awake, Big Gigantic has had over 70,000 downloads to date. With their highly anticipated sophomore album, A Place Behind the Moon, debuting September 2010 on 1320 Records, the two-man sound machine continue to magnify their reach and reputation with a future that shows no signs of slowing down.



Kyau & ALbert - On The Way

Posted: April 13th, 2011

15 Years Part One - Out Now

This year we celebrate the 15 year anniversary of our first release ever! For this special jubilee, we will present new remixes of our biggest tracks throughout 2011 on our label Euphonic.

 The first track of '15 Years - Part One' is our breakthrough hit 'Be There 4 U' (aka 'Outside'), originally released in 2001. Soon after this release, Paul van Dyk invited us to his radio show, propelling our career into the global arena. 'Be There 4 U' (aka 'Outside') became a huge radio hit climbing the sales charts, and as a bootleg, the track stormed into the Drum'n'Bass scene while selling 30,000 vinyl records illegally.

 The second track of '15 Years - Part One' is our rework of 'Kiksu', originally released in 2006. Still one of our favourite tracks and regularly played in our sets, we felt that there was something missing in the original version. The rework of the updated 'Kiksu' is now our perfected version!


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